Tuesday, 19 September 2017

AWI: Mounted Jaegers

Another small unit down, this time on the side of the Brits, some reinforcements for Mirbach's Hessian brigade completed almost a year ago; some mounted Jaegers/light troops.

The figures are actually from Revell's Set 02573 Austrian Dragoons but at this scale I cannot spot any difference between these guys and their German counterparts.

The uniform is painted up simply from a search on the net and without any reference material, other than knowing that dismounted they wore green coast with red or crimson facings, with green or buff waste-coats and breeches.

These guys are based as a small BP unit for the mounted infantry option in the BP supplement, for one of the Jaeger units painted previously.


Monday, 18 September 2017

AWI: Virginia Artillery Crew

More auxiliary units in the feverish attempt to actually get enough figures painted for a game of AWI Black Powder; some more crews for the large train of cannon painted previously.

These are the same IMEX figures as the 3rd Continental Crew painted earlier this year, but painted as Virginia continentals, as per the reference in the AWI Black Powder supplement; blue coats with red facings, waste-coats and trousers.

I like how these guys came out, even though I had to paint some of the strapping on, and the red outfits certainly go well with the barn red cannon... they should make a nice target on the table.

So that's more than enough cannoneers for a couple of brigades, its almost time to start thinking about the brits.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

AWI: 3rd Continental Dragoons

Its been a long time since I rock'n'rolled, or painted figures for that matter, but a freakish mix of small, fragged, contracts, interspersed with small windows of spare time, has given me a chance to start catching up - back in April I said I'd get a couple of AWI Black Powder brigades, for both sides, finished by June. Hmmm... its September...

First off the table this month is some more of the smaller, auxiliary units, and here its the 3rd Continental Dragoons, mounted and foot.

These are from the Strelets Set 119 British Cavalry (Egypt) and Set M071 British Light Infantry in Egypt, with uniform fairly close (close enough at this scale anyway) for AWI dragoons and light troops - with only minor alterations mentioned in the Lee's Legion post.

The uniform is contemporary from a picture on the net with reference to the Black Powder: Rebellion! supplement, white jacket with light blue/blue facings, and buff breeches.

Although these guys wore a leather helmet, it is possible some or all eventually ended up wearing the 'Tarleton' helmet, so the Strelets figures serve just as well.

Continuing on with the theme of support troops, these are based as a small BP cavalry unit and a small light infantry (foot dragoons) unit; or can be fielded as a single cavalry unit that can dismount.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG): C'est manifique!

Tim's Polybian Legion face off against Seleucids - think this is an ex-Chasseur army

Yes, yes, yes, yes!

It's been months since I've had the time to blog, let alone game or paint, and filled with contracts, travel, report writing, book editing, and family. Not to mention cold, wet, and cold - did I mention the cold? One morning my car was so frozen, I couldn't open the doors - its cold!

Elephants and pike await the Romans... again!

A few weeks back as work was dying down, Tim from our local wargames group asked if I wanted a game and offered to take me through L'Art de la Guerre; lets face it, the replacement for DBM(M) and FoG; and as this seems to be a set of rules growing in popularity locally, I enthusiastically agreed.

I then had a second introductory game yesterday using my Seleucids against his Polybians (see photos), but lets just focus on the game that followed.

I played Tim's son Justin in the third game. Neither of us own the rules, nor have read them properly and it was our first game after only two introductory games with Tim.

The legion begins its sneaky maneuvers to split the pike blocks.

This is the amazing thing that happened, after set up and only two turns, and given we had the two page reference sheet to hand, neither of us had need of the rulebook or further guidance. That's how straightforward, simple, and well designed this ruleset is.

Remarkable and must be the first time in twenty years of gaming that when some weird event or occurrence has cropped up in an early game, it hasn't warranted precious minutes thumbing through a rulebook. ADLG is like the synthesis of DBx and FoG. Like after years of committed struggle of development for DBx and then its antithesis FoG, out from the clouds of evolution emerged ADLG.

Pike command gets ready to face the Princeps. I finally got to use the pike and command  I painted earlier this year.

I'm sure we missed some things, like remembering some pike and my Xystophoroi were Elite and I can see there's a lot more subtelty waiting to be uncovered, but the basics are so well designed that it didn't really matter.

I winge and moan constantly about what I want from a ruleset, given the brain power my work requires - oh woe is me, my life is so hard... not really - but I never thought there'd be an ancient/medieval set of rules which was straightforward enough to want to play on a Friday evening, talking bollocks with mates, while eating junk food and drinking coke.

Two pike commands face off against the Princeps command and Hastati/Triarii command.

I remember when FoG came out I thought it was going to be the bees knees for ancient/medieval gaming, then I played it. '++' minus '--', makes a positive, carry the '+', unless its impact troops on a Tuesday... what? Arrgh! Who won that #@^*& combat?

I remember staring open mouthed at a DBM tournament as the rules guiding movement were explained to me yet again, 'you can't do that, because the distance from the front corner, divided by the isosceles, across the zone of control, while holding your tongue in the right position, means that a troops expanding from a column, can't move across the face of an enemy element, until 4PM on a Thursday, unless the angle of attack is less than 30 degrees and all elements end directly facing at least one enemy element...' - WTF? I just like playing with toy soldiers!

Also, having been burned by FoG and having foolishly bought the majority of supplements, like DBA 3.0, all of the army lists you could feasibly want, are included in the ADLG rulebook.

Xystophoroi doing what they do well, smashing lighter enemy cavalry.

The only bad thing I can remotely come up with is that you don't need a lot of figures for an army - which really is a positive. You'll need figures somewhere in the number between DBA and DBM/FoG, which means most of my figures will stay in their boxes for ADLG - but then that's what Hail Caesar or WAB is for (does anyone actually play WAB anymore?).

ADLG is a nice surprise and though I'm a little late getting into it, I can see why everyone is raving about it and the armies behave pretty well on the battle field as well.

Unsupported elephants against lighter, javelin armed, troops - say goodbye to the elephants!

In one game my massive and long pike block was bisected and outmaneuvered by legionaries, my elephants were overcome in rough ground by medium javelinmen, and in another my unsupported elephants were eventually overcome by a line of determined legionaries while my Xystophoroi mowed down Roman cavalry. Nice.

So ADLG is a good ruleset and to be fair, while derivative, it sits squarely on the shoulders of its predesseors and it does that really well.

The pike block systematically and deftly turned, game over man!

I've just ordered a copy and am looking forward to many more games in the future, but to be fair if someone still wants a quick game of DBA 3.0, I'll be up for that as well because its the perfection of that line of games. As for FoG, well at least in all the supplements I've got lots of good reference material in the photos and Osprey pictures.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Sudan: Updated Posts

So for some reason the photos from posts carried over from the old blog must have been removed and been only linked by this blog. Have updated each of the effected Sudan posts with correct photos.

Sudan: Cameron Highlanders
Sudan: New South Wales Regiment
Sudan: KRRC & Royal Marines
Sudan: Indian Brigade
Sudan: Hadendowa
Sudan: Ansar
Sudan: Old Ansar Units and the Joker
Sudan 1000: The Count So Far... Have shot past this count in the past year and now heading to Sudan 1500... for 1500 figures on a table at once...

Saturday, 8 April 2017

AWI: Continental Light Infantry

Finished off another couple of auxiliary units for BP: Rebellion! This time its some light infantry for the New England brigade.

Figures are from Strelets M071 British Light Infantry in Egypt 1801 with slight modifications to fit AWI, as per the Lee's Legion unit finished previously. They look a bit rough compared to the Italeri figures, despite re-working several times.

This time the uniform is based on two sources, the Baccus website and its 1779 Continental Regulations, and the Uniforms of the American Revolution website and its 1782 Light Infantry plate.

In this colour scheme these could be LI units for the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Regiments. Yes I'm aware there were no battles after 1781, although the Brits stayed until 1783.

They've been mounted so that they can form: 2 x small BP units, 1 x standard BP unit, or 1x small BP unit and a small dismounted unit for the 2nd Continental Dragoons finished previously, should the need arise.

This finishes off the 'New England' brigade.

Next up a couple of Virginia Continental Artillery crews, and Lee's and the 3rd Continental Dragoons.

Friday, 31 March 2017

AWI: Maryland Battalion 1776

A bump in the painting roster due to a delay in painting supplies, has brought forward the completion of next continental battalion, the Maryland Battalion circa 1776.

The inspiration for this unit came from the cover and double-page plate in the Osprey Campaign title - New York 1776, which depicts the 'Maryland 400' battalion charging at Gowanus. The BP Supplement supports this, describing them in 1776 as 'hunting shirts died tan' with officers 'red coats faced buff'.

The figures are well proportioned and detailed, and are from the Accurate 7201 American Militia/IMEX 511 George Washington's Army set. While not exactly dressed in hunting 'shirts', they look to be dressed in hunting 'coats' - close enough I say.

One out of the three boxes I bought had figures as per the IMEX listing, the other two had figures as per the Accurate listing, the drummer is a spare one from the Italeri 6060 set.

All have been mounted on 3mm bases as opposed to card, as - like their Accurate/IMEX counterparts - they are about a head shorter than figures from other manufacturers of this period.

The battalion is a large BP unit that can be reduced back to standard, producing an additional command stand also. It is said that Lord Stirling (Maj. Gen. Alexander) personally lead the battalion in the action at Gowanus, hence the inclusion of the mounted officer (from the Revell 2572 set).

This completes the line units for the Maryland/Virginia brigade and next up is the raft of light infantry and dragoons I've prepped while waiting for detail brushes, to complete the New England and Maryland/Virginia BP brigades.